The company is founded by Elin, Aisa and Frida, three creative people with different skills within graphic design, fashion, PR & buying. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The idea for Silhouette poster was born in the summer of 2018, when we were discussing the perfect gift to that person who already has everything. "What if there was an easy and not too expensive way to order a personal drawing?"

​We want to make homes more personal with art that is still affordable and accessible for the customer. We believe that people want unique designs in their homes - something they are the sole owner of, but also something they have a special bond with. It can be a moment in life, a person, or why not a pet? You choose the object that is dear to you and we will draw it.

With many years of experience within creative fields, we’ve learned that one of the keys to good designs is durability.  For us, that means quality and timeless aesthetics. Our drawings are personal, yet elegant and clean. With their classic look, they are easy to fit into any home. The posters look great on their own, or in a set of pictures. They also make a lovely presents, either as a gift card or as a poster made by you.