What is a Silhouette poster?
A Silhoutte poster is a personal poster illustrated from your photo. Each poster is unique and created by one of our inhouse illustrators.

How does it work?
Click on ORDER A POSTER. Fill in your preferences on the product page (format, size, text) Upload the photo that you want to turn into a poster. Add the product to the checkout and pay.
    Our artists will start to draw a poster from your uploaded photo as soon as you have checked out and paid for your order. We will send you an email with the poster for your approval within 3-5 business days. If no requests for amends have been made within 48h after the email has been sent, we will take this as approval and the poster will be printed.
      The poster will be printed and sent to you within 4-7 business days.

        Since each poster is unique, we are unfortunately unable to accept returns. Of course, if the product has been damaged during transport, you will get a new copy!

        How do I choose my photo?
        Sometimes it starts with who you want as a motif, other times you have a photo that you like. It could also be a place where you imagine your Silhouette poster will fit that helps you choosing your photo.
        The easiest way is to look in your smartphone in you photo album or in your favorite social media. A screenshot works fine most of the times. It doesn't matter if the photo is not perfect and has a messy or rather ugly background, as long as it is clear for us who/whom to focus on. If you feel unsure of your photo you can get inspired from other customer´s Silhouette Poster. 
        Of course we´re here to help you. Email us 3-5 options of photos and we will give our expert opinion of which ones that are more suitable. Contact us

        What in my photo will be illustrated?
        We will only draw what is visible in the photo; if an arm for example is cropped, we will not try to figure out what the part that is not showing in the picture could look like.
        This doesn’t mean that we don’t do portrait or torsos, but it is important that the picture reflects what you want included in your poster. If you want a portrait, make sure the uploaded photo is in the format of a portrait and not a whole body.
        We prefer a maximum of three people in the same photo, if you want a group portrait with more people than three please contact us first via e-mail.

        What resolution does the photo need to have?
        The photos can be up to 20 MB ,we don't have a lowest resolution restriction but don't upload too blurry picture since it might be difficult for us to interpretate.

        Can I use a photo taken with my smartphone?
        We can create your Silhouette Poster with pictures taken with your smartphone, screenshots from instagram or a “old” paper photo. We will always let you know if we can not use your uploaded photo.

        Can I upload a photo in any format?
        Format of photo needs to be jpg, jpeg, png or pdf.

        Can I get the text at the bottom in my preferred language?
        Yes of course! Make sure to check the spelling twice.

        What kind of paper do you use?
        Silhouette Poster is printed on high quality 170g FSC labelled paper.

        Does the poster comes with a frame?
        No, but in the near future you will be able to order a frame to your Silhouette poster.

        What size is the Silhouette Poster?
        You can choose from 3 different sizes.
        A4, 21.0 x 29.7 centimeters (8.27 x 11.69 inches)
        A3, 29.7 x 42.0 centimeters (11.69 x 16.53 inches)
        50x70 centimeters (19.6 x 27.5 inches)

        What is the price of a Silhouette Poster?
        A4 - 549 SEK
        A3 - 649 SEK
        50x70 - 749 SEK

        Will I be able to see the poster before I finalize the order?
        You will not see the poster on our website when ordering it, since it needs to be made by our illustrator first. Once the illustration is ready we will send a picture of it to your email for your approval. If no requests for amends have been made within 48 hours we will send the poster to print.

        Do you ship to my country and what is the shipping cost?
        We ship worldwide.  For all orders above 1000 SEK there is free shipping.
        Under 1000 SEK the shipping costs are:
        Sweden: 50 SEK
        Europe: 150 SEK
        Rest of the world: 150 SEK

        How long does the delivery take?
        We are always doing our best to deliver as quick as possible.
        Below are some guidelines:
        Nordic: 3 - 8 working days.
        Europe: 5 - 10 working days.
        Rest of the world: 6 - 14 working days.
        What happens if I don't pick up my parcel?
        Uncollected parcels will be returned to us and we will charge you a fee of 15€ for the returned parcel. The fee covers the double shipping costs as well as picking and packing.

        What are the payment options?
        We accept Paypal, Klarna VISA & Mastercard.

        What is your return policy?
        Since each poster is unique and made specially for you, we are unfortunately not able to accept returns. Should your poster however been damaged during delivery, pls contact us by sending an email to info@sihouetteposter.com with your complaints.

        What do I do if a poster is damaged?
        If your poster is damaged when delivered please contact us as soon as possible by sending us a email with pictures of your poster to: info@silhouetteposter.com

        Do you sell gift cards?
        Yes we do, you can choose between different values here.

        Who is behind Silhouette Poster?
        The company is founded by Aisa, Elin and Frida, three creative people with different skills within, graphic design, fashion, PR & buying. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

        Who creates the Silhouette Posters?
        The Silhouette Posters are created by our inhouse illustrators.
        Styling tips

        This poster fits well into a neutral art wall in the livingroom as well as on it's own to decorate your children's bedroom, depending on the motif. Since it's a black and white illustration it fits many different places.

        Silhouette poster is the perfect personal gift

        Whether your looking for a wedding gift, birthday gift or something special for a baptism, it's great for every occation.

        But if you can't pick a motif? Don't worry - a gift card is the perfect alternative. Let the receiver choose a photo themselves to create a personal Silhouette poster. The gift card can be purchased in three different amounts and can be delivered digitally or as a printed card on exclusive paper.


        Still have questions? Get in touch, we’re happy to help.