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The restaurant business

Are you interested in buying a larger amount of wine maps, please contact us on linnea@brushery.se for inquires and price proposal. We are looking forward hearing from you!

Content creator

Interested on promoting our maps on your platform, offer a deal to your followers or using our maps in a photoshoot. We would love hearing from you! Contact us at linnea@brushery.se.


Are you interested in retailing our products? We have a handpicked selection of retailers in Europe. We would love to hear more about your store. Please get in touch at linnea@brushery.se. We are looking forward hearing from you.

Wine merchant

Your customers love our products. We have done many successful collaborations with wine merchants. Would you be interested in collaborating and giving your customers a good deal on wine maps? Get in touch at linnea@brushery.se.


Maps for a wine tasting event, giving your followers a good deal or interested in getting promoted on any of our platforms? Get in and touch at linnea@brushery.se and let's come up with something good together!

Wine producer

Interested in getting your vineyard on one of our maps? Please get in touch at linnea@brushery.se for furthers discussing.