Stephanie Clarke


I love to mix western & tropical vibes in fantasy scenes with bright colors.

My name is Steph, I’m originally from Belfast in Ireland. I studied at the Glasgow School of Art and have been living between London and Stockholm since. I’m a designer, illustrator, mother, lover and friend. 

My day job is as a designer, which although creative can also have a lot of rules and frameworks so my drawing and art are like a therapy and escape from that - it helps me to relax. Usually I work from my imagination. There normally isn’t a plan - I like to see what happens! 

Having wine by the ocean, with friends, bowl of olives and some good music.

I love a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-pape - yum! I also shared a really lovely bottle of Beaujolais by Julie Balagny at dinner recently - really tasty. 


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