Mandy Sade


My name is Mandy, I am a British Printed textile designer and Illustrator. I studied Fashion at Brighton University and moved to Stockholm around 10 years ago for a position at H&M. I have been freelance now for four years and expanded into wallpaper art and Illustration.

I love maximalism, opulence and color anything highly decorative and detailed.

More than often my starting point lies in historical artifax and the natural world. My work often leans towards odd and unexpected composition, right now i'm obsessed with greek statues and hyper real foliage.  Im no wine connoisseur, but Im trying to learn! recently a waiter served us Bourgogne Côte de Nuits Le Mont Rouge, easily one of the best wines I have tasted…

I will always love the Amalfi Coast, restaurant by the sea, great fish and wine, then back to the seaside mansion of tropical dreams!