Philip Sade


I am a 78 year old pensioner from England, who now has all the time in the world to paint.

I studied many years ago at Nottingham College of Art and went on to work in many ad agencies as a graphic artist. Tiring of sitting at a desk every week I decided I wanted to build houses, and so until retirement that is what I did. My love of painting never left me, and I continued with any spare time I had. 

I tend to use watercolor and ink with a freedom of style. Finding the right paper is always a challenge. The artists I admire are nearly all figurative and mainly English, Nash, Piper, Ravillions, Dufy and Derain. There is an endless list! 

When it comes to wine... White or Red, French or Italian usually. Preferably in one of the Turquoise bays in Cala d'or, Majorca.

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